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The Atlanta Airport is equipped to serve and house 30,000 vehicles on any given day. Automatic ticket dispensers issue parking tickets on – Hourly, Daily, Economy, Park Ride. Once parked, customers should jot down their location, take a reminder card or scan the QR code posted near their parking space. On exiting, you can pre-pay parking Pay-On-Foot machines located in the parking areas and in the terminal or they can pay at the automated machines at the exit plazas.

These are the parking lots: International Hourly, International Park-Ride, North Daily, North Economy, North Hourly, Park-Ride-A, Park-Ride-C, South Daily, South Economy, South Hourly, and West Economy. The rates for parking varies from $3 on short term basis to $36 on long term parking.

At Atlanta Airport, you can count on security at the airport parking lot and the airport also offers mechanical assistance. In an effort to go green, the airport provides 102 electric vehicle charging stations in various parking locations.